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Salman is a young pro player from Pakistan and is arguably the best player in Dubai at the moment. Salman has a happy and pleasant character and is one of our most technically gifted coaches. He has a history of winning numerous tournaments in Pakistan and Internationally ,and won the final of the local tournament put on during the PSA Dubai World Series in May 2016.


In addition, Salman has partipated in the following events:

6th place in the junior US open
Runner up in the Doha junior open
Played in the Milo junior open in Malaysia
Penang Junior open In Malaysia
Scottish Junior open in Scotland
5th place in Qatar junior open
Played in PSA events in UK and Pakistan
Pakistan junior ranking was No.2
Senior Pakistan ranking is No.16

Dawar Shahid

My name is Dawar Shahid. I am a Professional Squash player that has played on the Professional Squash Association (PSA) circuit.

I have been playing squash for the last 10 years now and started playing Squash in Pakistan after which I spent 6 years training and participating in tournaments. I am now based in Dubai working on others games as I share my love of squash with others. Being involved in Squash for the last decade has definitely helped me become a fitter, stronger and more disciplined human being.

I hope to share my knowledge and give back to the sport as much as possible. Playing squash has also given me the chance to do a fair bit of traveling to compete at international events. It has also given me the privilege to represent my country (Pakistan).

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Neil is a lifelong squash player excited to share his passion for the sport with others. A Level 1 and Level 2 ESR certified coach and successful event organizer, Neil has worked closely with well-known squash player and coach Hadrian Stiff to bring Elite Squash UAE to Dubai.

Mobile: 050 625 35 89


Elite Squash Advanced Player

I’ve been playing a long time at a good standard and with a solid technique but Elite Squash has taken me to an entirely different level. Focusing on minor adjustments to my footwork and through a great mix of exercises and games they have delivered truly fantastic results. My only regret is that I didn’t start with them earlier!